Monday, April 27, 2009


Apparently its 'Wolverine appreciation month' so i thought i'd join in and add a little "Shnikt" to my blog.
I sketched this one with a color-erase pencil and inked it with Brush Pens...its one of my first times using brushpens so i'm fairly happy with the result


Stephen Sloan said...

Dude! That looks awesome! Great job.

Brian Evinou said...

Louie! Nice job man! I tell ya brushpens are the best. Prepare to fall in love. Dont tell elise, she wont understand your new devotion to a inanimate object. psh...chicks.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

-Jodi L

tom jolliffe said...

nice man... haven't seem the movie yet, i assume all have...i guess i'll go on my own...sad trumpet noise